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We supply fabric and notions as well as knowledge and advice to create personal hand made items and promote the sewing trade!

The next level in customization and personalization is here for you!  We have the ability to put an amazing personal touch on anything you could want for yourself, your loved ones, or even coworkers.  Sew Works can do it all with our custom sewing and embroidery!  With our store in Park City, Kansas, we can serve the surrounding Wichita area.

Our new store now makes it even easier for you to customize your own project!  Already-made items ranging from handbags and table runners to tea towels and baby blankets along with many of our “blanks” are ready for embroidery.  We also have a stock of fabric, thread, machines, project patterns, and notions for others that want to DIY.  We always go the extra mile to provide the absolute best in custom embroidery.

Since “custom” doesn’t mean that we only do a few things, new products are frequently available. Browse around to find something you like, or get a new project going with us, so we can show you how the possibilities are truly endless.

Our Services

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View custom and stock embroidery designs and projects. We can even embroider your business logo! We carry a host of products such as stuffed animals, towels, onesies, blankets, etc. waiting to be customized.



View our stock of handmade items and some of our previous custom projects. We truly work to create high quality, one-of-a-kind items.


Fabric & Supplies

View high-quality quilting cottons suitable for long-lasting garments, bags, or any other project. We also carry many supplies and gadgets a seamstress, quilter, embroiderer, or crafter may need.


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