Fabric and Supplies

Need just one more piece to bring your project together?

Our store has an always growing selection of fabric and supplies.  We do our best to find high quality materials at reasonable prices.  While a hand-made item is priceless, it shouldn’t break the bank to make it.


Currently, we have cottons, flannels, and double-gauze on bolts with 120″ extra-wide batting and 108″ quilt backs.  Our stash is always growing and changing so be sure to check back often.  You can view the majority of our collection under the Shopping tab.  If you find something, feel free to fill out our online order form or come by the store to adore some more before purchasing.


We also carry many of the tools and supplies to go with all aspects of sewing.  Embroidery thread, quilting thread (solid and variegated), sewing thread, stabilizers and fusibles on the bolt, rulers, cutting mats, cutters, patterns, gadgets.  We can even make custom ironing surfaces (perfect for large projects) that just set on your table.  Please check out the Notions and other pages under Shopping for more information and to see our selections.

Machines & Accessories

If your looking for sewing machines or cabinets and furniture, look no further.  We have a dealership with Arrow Sewing Cabinets and Kangaroo Kabinets – our favorite is the hydraulic sewing chair!  We also carry several EverSewn sewing machines and their accessories – we find them to be a very good basic machine that can do a lot without investing an arm and a leg in the beginning.  They make excellent machines for a travel, retreats, class, or simply a second machine.  You can find more information on the Machines & Accessories page under Shopping.

In the gallery below, you can find some of our favorite items!

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