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Heirloom Baby Quilts

Embroidered Burp Towels & Baby Bibs


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Baby Quilt - Hot Pink


Baby Quilt - Lavender


Baby Quilt - Pink


Benjamin Bear Buddy


Billy Black Bear Buddy


Blankey Buddy Bear Blue 20in


Bobby Buddy Bear Brown


Brewer Fox Buddy


Bunny Blankey Buddy


Buster Bulldog Buddy


Cecil Sea Lion Buddy


Claire Cat Buddy


Crochet Pumpkin Hat for Newborn


Dalton Dog Buddy


Dino Dinosaur Buddy


Duncan Donkey Buddy


Elford Elephant Buddy Grey


Elliot Elephant Buddy


Gerry Giraffe Blankey Buddy


Gerry Giraffe Buddy


Girls Spa Wraps

$10.00 $21.00

Hedley Hedgehog Buddy


Heirloom Baby Quilts I Love you to the Moon & Back


Heirloom Baby Quilts Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Do you Know How Loved your are?


Heirloom Baby Quilts Your First Breath Took Ours Away


Heirloom Baby Quilts Your First Breath Took Ours Away


HipHop Froggy Buddy


Horatio Husky Buddy


Howie Horse Buddy


Kerry Kangaroo Buddy


Kory Koala Bear Buddy


Lampton Lamb Blankey Buddy


Lampton Lamb Buddy


Landy Ladybug Buddy Pink


Landy Ladybug Buddy Red


LeRoy Leopard Buddy


Lili' Slugger Snuggler Bear


Mikey Moose Buddy


Missy Bumble Bee Buddy


Mister Buddy Bear Blue


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