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Tooth Fairy Pillows

When your child loses their first tooth can be a super big deal. They are growing up!
To help celebrate this special occasion we've made these adorable Tooth Fairy pillows.
Place the tooth in the pillow's pocket and while your child sleeps through the night,
the Tooth Fairy takes it 
from there; leaving a happy surprise of money
or maybe a sweet little treasure in their special 

Here’s to sweet dreams and morning’s full of excitement!

• Tooth Fairy pocket for money or a little treasure
• Embroidered pillow measures approx. 9"x 6”
• 100% polyester fiberfill.
• Includes ribbon for hanging bedroom door. 

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  • 316-337-5733
  • 1590 E 61st St N
  • Park City, KS 67219
  • Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 10-6
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    Closed Sunday
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